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Atom Drop Through Longboard Review

Atom Drop-Through Longboard Review

I started skateboarding when I was quite small and then I moved on to longboarding. Longboards are actually pretty fun and the best skateboards for cruising. There is a lot of variety in longboards too for example, you can find the best longboards for kids, best longboards for beginners and best longboard brands literally everywhere especially on Amazon. So let me cut to the chase, today I will be talking about one of the best longboards in town. It is not only one of the best longboards but is also made under one of the best longboard brands. So my favorite longboard is the, atom drop through longboard. I bought this off amazon. It is a best skateboard beginner board and I do recommend it.

The atom drop through longboard is not all that thick and I really like it because it flexes a lot when you ride, you can kind of jump on it. It turns very sharply but it also depends on how tight or lose you want the trucks. It can turn on a dime, and I have my trucks pretty loose just for cruising around here, but yeah. This thing rides really well the grip tape. Not only does the grip tape make it look better, it’s pretty decent quality too. Now I’m going to go over some of the more important things like the bearings and the wheels. When this thing came, I kind of I looked at it. I got the red version which comes with ABEC five bearings. I think if you get the green version, it comes with a BEC nines, which it went really nice for downhill riding. Here I don’t slide much so, as you can see like the wheels there more or more sliding wheels, and since I don’t usually like I mean I can slide, but I don’t slide exclusively, I don’t you really use the sliding wheels all that much and it’s pretty Tough to slide on this board, just in general, it’s a little long. I think it’s a 52 inch drop through so yeah. It’s the sliding on it. The wheels are great for it. I might I’m thinking about taking these wheels off, putting them on a shorter board that I have and then putting more grippier down to the wheels on this board. Is this thing flies down a hill? I
think it’s like the weight distribution, but it’s the wheels on this board. The bearings are a BEC 5s and when it comes like this, these wheels don’t spin at all. I mean they spin. Stop it’s been, I just they just kind of stopped. The apec fives they’re fine, I mean they’re, just average bearings, but it’s interesting like these wheels. They spin and stop it. Then, when you go down a hill, you don’t stop and I’ve gone faster than my friends: arbor downhill board. It’s just it’s just interesting with the generic wheels generic bearings in the generic trucks. I think it all has to do with like the thickness of the board and I the weight you put on it but, like i said, if you’re a beginner, I a hundred percent recommend this board. Adam has made a really great board for the price you can get one of these for anywhere from 80 to a hundred bucks, not bad, and it’s just it’s really reliable. I’m going to probably put new bearings on it soon and I’ll maybe do a riding update with it, but it’s winter time here, but I don’t know if you’re a beginner. I definitely recommend this board. Anyone of any size can ride this, maybe not too heavy, might put a lot of strain on it. For more, visit Review Skateboard

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